About Teaching Personal Statement

teaching personal statementThe teaching personal statement is a single spaced essay that can range from 1 to 2 pages that contain your teaching philosophies, skills, and experiences not to mention how you are going to apply these said skills to the position that you are applying for. Although the word “philosophy” is used here, it merely refers to a narrative of your experiences in teaching. Your personal statement should reflect the creative and intellectual skills that you wish your students to achieve through your teaching, your ability to organize time, how you perceive your role as a teacher and ability to interact with students, how you deal with the challenges that crop up while applying your discipline in the class as well as how you respond to students’ feedback. Take note that these elements of a teaching personal statement don’t really put any emphasis on complexities, disciplinary practices, problems, and even course texts but they are more on how you will be engaging your students as you guide them through the discipline you wish to impart.

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